Happy New Year!

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In Sunny Go! Online, we integrate classic Tales of Pirates gameplay with newer and more exciting features, mazes, daily tasks, and much more!

New Features Classic Gameplay

For those who seek to have a classic game to play whenever they want, Sunny Go! Online is the ideal game for you.

Server has opened on 22 October 2016! Join now!

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Hello Guys! As the Topic says, Sunny Go! Online is looking for an experienced video maker!     What the video maker will do:   Collect In-Game footage of various content Make Video Guides of Mazes, How-to's, Newbie Guides, and more Make promotional videos of Sunny Go! Online Make previews of new & future content Make any video upon GM's Request   What the video maker will get: Exclusive Preview on new features (They get to see it f read more ...

Hello Players! Before doing anything related to forging, you should read this post! Here are the official rates for all forging-related things in Sunny Go! Online!   Forging Level 1: 100% Level 2: 100% Level 3: 80% Level 4: 80% Level 5: 60% Level 6: 50% Level 7: 30% Level 8: 20% Level 9: 10%   Gem Combination (Resulting Level) Level 2: 100% Level 3: 80% Level 4: 80% Level 5: 60% Level 6: 50% Level 7: 30% Level 8: 20% Level 9: 10%   Socketing Sock read more ...

Hello Pirates! Before playing the game, you should take a quick read at the Rules!   Account Sharing: At your own risk. Generally, you should not share your account with anyone. Any hacks done by account sharing will NOT be intervened by GMs.   AFK-Farming (Auto-Skills): Allowed, as long as you pass the bot-check that appears in-game. Botting (3rd Party Program): Permanent Ban with no negotiation and explanation.   Bug Abuse (Cheating): Ban on ALL your accounts permanently read more ...

Hello Players! I would like to say thank you for making the opening of the server a huge success! We weren't expecting so many people to play, but we have already broke the 200 players online record! Can we go for 300? Will we make it?!   On October 26, 2016 (8 PM AEST Time), we will be holding out first PK Competition in Chaos Argent! The Map will open for the first time, and players will get to brawl it out in CA. The winner of the PK Competition will get 10 Party EXP Banan read more ...

- Item Mall has Opened! 2016-10-23 08:58:48

Hello Players! Due to the high demand of the Item Mall, we have opened the Item Mall!   You can access the Item Mall by going to any Banker in the main Cities.   Here is the list current items and prices.  Dragon Wings (Limited) - 20 Tokens  Heaven's Berry 2x - 1 Token  Charmed Berry 2x - 1 Token  Fairy Box - 2 Tokens  Pet Fruits - 2 Tokens  Fairy Skills - 3 Tokens  Auto Rations x99 - 1 Token  Fairy Rations x99 - 1 Token  Voodoo Doll x99 - 3 Toke read more ...

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