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In Sunny Go! Online, we integrate classic Tales of Pirates gameplay with newer and more exciting features, mazes, daily tasks, and much more!

New Features Classic Gameplay

For those who seek to have a classic game to play whenever they want, Sunny Go! Online is the ideal game for you.

Server has opened on 22 October 2016! Join now!

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Hello! We are aware of some disconnection issues that have been occasionally happening on our server.   Such as this, and the one happening now. Please give us a few moments, we will attempt to work on a reconfiguration that could fix this issue.   Thank you for your patience [GM]ShaKo read more ...

- Update on 2017/05/22 2017-04-25 07:46:15

Hello Pirates! On 2017/05/22, we have made a few exciting changes! moved to 2017/05/23   Maze Changes Maze Boss Chests * Chance to win a random piece from FC/DS/DW when killing mazes bosses   Gemstones from Mazes * Removed gems dropping from monsters in mazes * Instead, monsters now drop [Gemstones]  Gemstone (Common) - Normal Monsters, Minibosses, Bosses  Gemstone (Rare) - Normal Monsters, Minibosses, Bosses  Gemstone (Artifact) - Minibosses, Boss read more ...

Hello guys! Due to the problem recently that disconnected our servers, the company's technicians are doing a hardware check to confirm that our server is working properly. It is going on right now. Please wait! It should not take too long, and we should receive the results once the check has finished. Thank you for your patience! [GM]ShaKo Sunny Go! Online Team read more ...

- Auction on 2017/03/19 2017-03-17 19:23:11

Hello everyone! We are going to held our first auction which will take place on Sunday 19 March 2017, Its duration will be set to 1 week.   Items list: 1x Plush Bear Set Base of 10 Tokens. 1x Morph Runestone Base of 10 Tokens. 1x Chest of Enigma Base of 10 Tokens. 1x Chest of Demonic World Base of 5 Tokens. 1x Chest of Dark Swamp Base of 2 Tokens.   https://sunnygo.online/auction.php   No read more ...

- Small Update on 2017/03/14 2017-03-15 22:38:50

- Improvement and a fix on item "Start of Unity" (ring), to Full Party feature which gives x5 Exp. Thanks @typePANDA for reporting it.   - Reduction on experience penalties when adding members to the party.   - Fix to experience obtained on players lv80+, (yes guys, it was an small bug). By the way, this doesn't mean that this gonna be like that, with some free time we gonna be looking forward to make the leveling on player 80+ easier than it is.   - Re-Activation on x2 read more ...

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